Disney's Orange Bird Problem: Fixing a Controversial Song

2023-06-03 3,039 0 32,409 YouTube

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Why is the Orange Bird theme song so controversial?🌈🍊 https://www.patreon.com/dreamsounds My previous Orange Bird video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4GtOxsVPN4 Donate to TrIQ (TransInterQueer e.V.) - https://www.gooding.de/donation/transinterqueer-e-v-30832 (It's in German, but you can translate a few words via Google Chrome/Translate or select PayPal and be redirected to the English version for checkout) ___________________ Thanks to everyone who sang at the end: 28 Alex Cardenas Amanda Cohen AmazzonKane Ashlyn Austen SG Bianca Inez Bronwyn K Cassandra Peña Cris Diandra Rodriguez Dominique Olibrice Eddie R Ethan Clock GhoulishGabs Hale/M0th_punk Haylie Ian Kauffman Imani Waters Jace JamTheGears Jandro Sings Jonah Snyder Jolyne McHaffey K Wheeler Kate Shively Katherine Rose Turbes Karla Gonzalez Kelsey Borgfjord Kenny KommanderKraken Lara Akal Lauren (Rebbystar) Laven Liam G Mason The 2nd Maylady Orellana Mazz Wildish miche fernando Natasha Whitefeather Natalie J Roswell Joy Sachiibell Travis Kirkland Val Stanton ___________________ MUSIC USED: "Oceans Away" by Major Tweaks "Siesta" by Shiruky "In Times Like These" by Wendy Marcinia