I Found Axolotls in an Abandoned Pond!

2024-07-06 47,483 0 2,628,638 YouTube

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In todays video I find axolotls in an abandoned pond, along with a ton of crazy fish, snakes, and turtles! After getting a message from a subscriber saying they couldn’t take care of them anymore, they asked me to come save them! So, I started netting around in the shallow end and I caught some axolotls, dolphin fish, freshwater sharks, cichlids, eels, and much more! But as I kept going I started finding weirder and weirder creatures like pipa pipa frogs, knife fish, and other alien fish… I then decided to explore deeper into the pond and that’s when I started catching monster fish like catfish, arowanas, redtail catfish, pufferfish, and huge axolotls! But there wasn’t just big axolotls, there was also babies which we caught tons of! And as we kept going things got even crazier… We caught albino turtles, snakes, a mata mata turtle, vampire fish, and monster blue crawfish! But when I finally reached the deepest part of the pond I was attacked by something big! So I decided to place my fish traps in the pond to hopefully catch what it was! While we let the fish traps sit we started exploring the area the albino axolotls live, and we caught tons of them including 2 monster ones! It was then time to check the fish traps and we caught tons of mystery fish! We brought everything we caught back to my house and added them to my backyard ponds and aquariums! Should we do a part 2? — ⏹Subscribe to the vlog channel: https://youtube.com/@BassFishingProductionsVlogs?si=I6Kc5jFKyUa2Wf5t — ⏹MERCH NOW AVAILABLE: https://bassfishingproductions.shop — ⏹Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bassfishingproductions/ ⏹TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bassfishingproductions?enter_from=pc&source=h5_m ⏹ Promotion inquiries: Esmamanagement@gmail.com ⏹Business email: bassfishermanguy@gmail.com