Beating Pokémon Scarlet With Only Shiny Fire Types

2023-03-24 0 0 517,872 YouTube

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💮 Use Code “BPNUZLOC” for $5 OFF with your first #Sakuraco or #TokyoTreat Hey!! In this video, I'm going to beat Pokémon Scarlet using ONLY SHINY FIRE TYPE POKEMON! This is a hardcore Nuzlocke playthrough, so be prepared for some tough battles! Some other shiny nuzlockes! Scarlet shiny nuzlocke: Scarlet Shiny Only: Discord: Hardcore Nuzlocke Ruleset: 1. If a pokemon faints its considered dead 2. Can only catch the first unique Shiny encounter on each Route 3. Nickname Pokemon 4. No items in battle (held items okay) 5. No leveling past the next gym leader/E4 6. Play on "Set" battle mode #pokemonscarlet #shinynuzlocke #shinypokemon